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Alexander Rybak - Hold Me

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Alexander Rybak - Hold Me
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Текст песни «Alexander Rybak - Hold Me»

Once I was brave, I was bold
I would conquer the world
Life was a fairytale, I'd never fail
With freedom in my sail
But now I'm back
And you're not there anymore
Now I realize I'm lost again
A holiday in search of a friend

Hold me
I'm feeling cold, somebody hold me
Again on my own. I've gone astray
But if it ain't too late to compensate
Would you tell me
What can I do so you forgive me?
I swear I will change if you stay
Or I would always think of Christmas '21
When my world had come undone

And now the jingle bells
And the Christmas trees
They ain't as magical
As they used to be
Because I let you down
For a fantasy
And now I gotta face the cold reality
It's like the holy ghost
Is telling me
This time I went too far
From my family
And now I realize
I'm lost again
A holiday in search of a friend
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