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Tommee Profitt - Be Careful

постер песни Tommee Profitt - Be Careful
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Tommee Profitt - Be Careful
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Be careful
It’s a mad world
You’re walking with the snakes in the grass
Yeah it’s a mean world
People crazy
Don’t ever turn your back on the night
Cause lurking in the shadows
There are monsters
Worse than the tigers and bears
Living in the jungle
Its nightmare
Now don’t say I didn’t warn ya
Be careful
It’s a strange world
You’re singing in a drunkard’s choir
Grinning and they’re laughing
While they’re lying
Picking your bones till you’re dead man
Walking on thin ice
In the deep end, it’s a dead-end
Tread lightly on the fire
With caution, Cause there’s danger
Now don’t say I didn’t warn ya
Be careful
It’s a cruel world
Poppa won’t hear your cries
Cause it’s a cold world
As it turns and turns
You’re never getting out alive
Don’t be foolish
Run far away from this place
You’re falling too fast into the end of days
Be careful little eyes what you see
And don’t say I didn’t warn yas
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