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Pre Kai Ro - 1

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Pre Kai Ro - 1
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Текст песни «Pre Kai Ro - 1»

When she told me I’m a boss
'Cause I never take a loss
I’m the one
The one who set the beats on fire

Told her I am not a man
I don’t think you understand
That I’m the one
The one who get these bitches feeling higher

Yeah, yeah
Just a young pharaoh with Gucci apparel
I’m the one
The one who make these rappers wan’ retire

Yeezy taught me now I level up
Bass and treble up
I’m the one
The one who tryna make it through the wire

Told her little mama I got needs of my own
But she only need the keys to my Rover
Cop a couple Bentleys and a Rolls
Maybe I could drive em when I’m sober

Cop a couple chains on the low low low
And then she put one on like a choker
Diamonds in her spades at the club
But I know that in her heart she’s a joker

I don’t see no glitches

When it pop up with the digits on my phone

I’m just tryna make these riches

Ain’t nobody finna switch I’m on my own
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