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Paradise Lost - Widow

постер песни Paradise Lost - Widow
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Paradise Lost - Widow
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Текст песни «Paradise Lost - Widow»

[Verse 1]
You're breaking a chain
Lying until you can erase the past
Born with a look of deceit
Praying that all the bitter guilt's defeated

Stand on your own, killed from behind
Fools are blind, unwilling to accept decline
You'll turn a blind eye

[Verse 2]
Bought by a sickening man
The weakened gather just as fast as they can
'Whore' is what the people roar
From fear of rejection
You'll come back for more
Strong, don't see that love ceased
In the end, only death can release

Stand on your own, killed from behind
Fools are blind, you're on a lonely road
You're on a lonely road
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