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CloudNone - Last Train Home

постер песни CloudNone - Last Train Home
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CloudNone - Last Train Home
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Текст песни «CloudNone - Last Train Home»

I'm sitting on the last seat of the last car
Of the last train to leave the station
I left my mystery at home
I'm getting off my double shift, my pockets light from lousy tips
Hate to ride the subway home alone

Couple up in front of me don't care that I'm here
At the next stop they get off with her tongue in his ear

On the last train home
The last train home

I've got a plan for getting out
I've got business propositions
I can't wait on tables my whole life
Made enough tonight for a one-way fare back to Pennsylvania
Where my folks say they'll put me up awhile

At least until I'm back on my feet
And then things will change

I'm on the last train home
The last train home
I'm on the last train home

All I used to follow has gone west
I've got holes in my shirt, and I never seem to rest
But I don't ever wonder why, it's a refuge for awhile
Just to play my hand

It's already my stop, it's a half block from my front door
And the tracks roll by my window
They roll along the same right of way that holds the railroad
The one that will carry me away

In fifteen days, I'll roll out of here
I'll look up and see my window and wave goodbye

From the last train home
The last train home
I'm on the last train home
The last train home
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