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BAKER - The Hellbound Heart

постер песни The Hellbound Heart
BAKER - The Hellbound Heart
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Текст песни «The Hellbound Heart»
Watch me put the past in the dust
Ain't got time to waste on no snakes
You tried to infiltrate on my space
So now I cut the line that holds place
Landin back upon my feet
I might be broke but I ain’t beat
I've learned my lesson from this mess
So now I smoke to find some peace
Stormy clouds they hang above
Take a piece this tainted love
Fairytales are just for suckers
I don't wanna catch the bug
Cut out my heart and take a bite
Fuel for these words that I now write
Trusting another will never feel right
So now I’m alone just out of spite
Close them eyes and reminisce
Everyday you'll see my face
Never forget that I hold a place
Within you mind is where I wait
They told me men don't ever cry
But now I've found out that's a lie
I've seen the strongest crushed by life
It's just the game we've come to fight
Holdin strong my young flower
Bet they never showed you this
How the world can be so cold
It doesn’t matter we exist
To bring the cycle back around
Well I ain’t here to sit and listen
Crossing paths on my way I'm just a man who’s on a mission
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